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Invest in our plans in order to provide yourself with maximum and stable income. Below there are offered 3 well-developed investment plans. Choose the most suitable one and start having regular earnings. Each of the plans presupposes having everyday profits and none of them requires large investments which allows choosing the most suitable investment amount.

$ 20 - $200
30 days
Deposit Capital Back


Use the calculator of income to determine the required amount of funds for the investment. This will help you to calculate the accurate amount of income provided you invest in a certain plan or the tool will specify the needed amount of funds to be invested for getting a certain income rate.
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Affiliate programReferrals

Provide yourself with additional income by inviting new clients to our platform. We developed two profitable programs which allow having passive income. Share your referral link, invite friends and receive remuneration by a share of their deposits.


3 %
Level 1
1 %
Level 2
1 %
Level 3

Everyone who gets registered on the site by following your referral link provides you with 7% of every deposit. The second level participants are the investors invited by your direct users. They will bring you 2% of their deposits. Also, you get 1% profits from the third level participants.

About usCompany

Macifund Limited is an international investment platform for those who want to have stable earnings on currency trading. The main activity of ours is Forex trading. Marketplace trading opens lots of ways of financial development for traders themselves as well as for the investors and giving all of the opportunities to have legal earnings regularly.

We suggest our clients profitable investing in high-yield plans and securely earn on currency trading. Our experienced traders and financial analysts study markets, monitor currency rates changes and fluctuations and create beneficial trading strategies to our clients from all over the world could safely invest and have everyday income.


Macifund Limited company is officially registered and has the status of an international financial organization. Due to the availability of the certificate, we have full rights for performing the legal activity on the international financial market and conducting safe trading deals and transactions. Our head office is located in London.

Our advantages

Secure investment
We trade only on officially registered monetary and financial exchanges.
Profitable conditions
High-profit plans with minimum investments. Start investing having only 50$ on your deposit.
6 years experience
Long track background allows us to successfully trade and conducts the most profitable transactions.
Pro team
Only profitable trading strategies due to the work of experienced professionals.
Everyday payments
Our plans involve having regular payments equal to 5-10% of the deposit amount every day.

PartnersRoad map


Maci Fund Limited company foundation. Formation of a team of professional traders, investors, analyst and financiers.


Start acting as a trading broker. Extension of the client base and the company’s activities.


Expansion of the geographical service scope. The company enters new markets, signs contracts with large financial organizations and funding enterprises.


Vision about giving people in all works of life the opportunity to benefit in the digital world of crypto currency.Creation of own investment/trading platform, development and integration of Macifund Limited platform.


Start of Macifund Limited online platform development. Creation of the initial site version and carrying out the closed testing.


Recruiting people for conducting the full scaled site beta-testing. Completion of the final development stages, preparation for the platform launch.

January 20, 2020

Official Macifund Limited investment platform launch. Giving access to our investment portfolios for clients worldwide.

December 17, 2020

End of the year members summit/conference and launching of our Mobile App. on Androids and IOS..


Establishment of representative offices. Creation of official company’s offices in different countries worldwide.


Macifund Limited has been officially launched!

Dear users and visitors! We are pleased to welcome you to our online Macifund Limited investment platform! Today was the launch of the site which is the initial phase of all your further investments. We are pleased to offer you three well-developed investment plans, which aim to make your investment as profitable as possible. Beneficial referral programs are available on our website. In addition, you have the opportunity to build your own team of investors and move up the career ladder. By participating in these programs you will get additional sources of income.

17 October 2019, 15:30
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